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  • JATHERE BHAMBI GOTRA, Aarti Bambi wrote 7 months ago:
    Is Bhambi and Bambi is same caste
  • JATHERE BHAMBI GOTRA, Sarbjit Sharma (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    Phambian Village situated near Sham Chaurasi Distt. Hoshiarpur where Jathere of Bhambi's are situated. Every year on 14th Chetra (Desi Month) Bhambi Gotra people comes from all over india worship of satimata .
  • JATHERE BHAMBI GOTRA, bhumika (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    Do u know the jathere of khindriye?
  • Shri Shiv Shankar Temple, sunil kumar (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    i am sunil dhoni menghwar from krachi pakistan
  • JATHERE BHAMBI GOTRA, Narayan Bhambi (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Hi bro. Im living in nimbahera. We have a big community of bhambies in nimbahera Dist. Chittorgarh, Rajasthan . We are called at this teritory Jaata bhambi. And we also worked like jaat, jatt, and choudhry since 400 years above. But as per govt. List we feel bed experience. Wish u all the best Wish all jaata Bhambi And healthy Bhambies
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