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  • Shri Shiv Shankar Temple, sunil kumar (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    i am sunil dhoni menghwar from krachi pakistan
  • JATHERE BHAMBI GOTRA BY HAPPY, Narayan Bhambi (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    Hi bro. Im living in nimbahera. We have a big community of bhambies in nimbahera Dist. Chittorgarh, Rajasthan . We are called at this teritory Jaata bhambi. And we also worked like jaat, jatt, and choudhry since 400 years above. But as per govt. List we feel bed experience. Wish u all the best Wish all jaata Bhambi And healthy Bhambies
  • JATHERE BHAMBI GOTRA BY HAPPY, (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    Hi My name is Gopal Chanchal Bhambi. I live in machhiwara (Close to Phambiana Village nawanshehr). My father told me about this place around 4 years ago. I have been to Sati mata Mandir Jathere Bhambi Gotra situated in this village. I am not sure when but there is a mela held every year when all the Bhambis from all over Punjab come together and celebrate. Never been to that mela. However its good to know about your roots. My family tree is myself Gopal Bhambi s/o Chanchal Bhambi s/o Vidya Parkash Bhambi. God Bless all the Bhambis. Cheers.
  • JATHERE BHAMBI GOTRA BY HAPPY, (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    My family Tree as far as I know: Me : Dinesh Chander Sharma Bhambi My Father : Late Sh.Niranjan Das Chaudhari (Bhambi) My Grand Father : Pandit Jagan Nath Chaudhari (Bhambi) My Grand Mother: Late Malavi Devi Bhambi My Grand Grand father in assending order: Pandit Ami Chand, Pandit Amreek Chand, Sh. Mandi Ram or Ghamandi Ram ( littel brakage here not clear) and the Last one from all this tree arrived his name was Late Shri Kalyana Bhambi(the founder of village Bhambia)initially it was Bhambia but later on it changed in to Phambia(British tongue chose Pham.. insted Bham..). Pandit Kalyana died in a river called "Chow" ( mean rainy river)prior to 1947. I do not know whether that river still there or covered by habitants. When Late Kalyana died fighting with Rajput looters in this rainy river his wife become Sati Ma, and her little Memorial is right beside Thakur Dwara( villege temple). Late Kalyana was the fonder of Bhambia(now it is called Phambia) he tried to gather 4 gotras as : Bhambi, Kaaly, Vasdev, one more which I can not recall.My Uncles were Choudhary Kapil Dev Bhambi ji, Choudhary Mulkh Raj Bhambi Ji, Choudhary Ayodhya Parshad Bhambi ji. I collect some information from my elders when I was a kid and authentified it later with Pandit Jee who take care of all the Bhambi Gotras and our family tree.